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Tamara is a short animated film. 
Inspired by Tamara’s Opus, a touching poem by Joshua Bennet, Jason Marino and Craig Kitzmann created a heartwarming cartoon about a deaf girl who is driven by her passion and love for dance.

1.     Prewatching discussion
1.1.  Have you ever met deaf people? What feelings do you have when you meet a person who cannot hear you?
1.2. Do deaf people have any problems in communicating with hearing people? How can we ruin communicational barriers?
2.     Postwatcing discussion
2.1.   How does the film make you feel?
2.2.    “God makes some people different”. Do you agree with the saying? Why           are deaf people different?
2.3.   Do you know any famous deaf people? What helped them to become                 successful and famous?
2.4.   What is the film about?
2.5.What is the girl’s dream?
2.6.What do the words “Dance to the stars” mean?

2.7. Do you believe that Tamara’s dream will come true? Why?

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