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directed by Andy Muschetti
produced by Guillermo del Toro
released in 2013
based on the short film (2008)

Prewatching discussion:
ž1. What is your earliest memory? How old were you?
2. How would you think someone’s life would be if he/she were separated from the society at his/her very early years?
3. Could this person be reintegrated to society? What difficulties would he/she face?
4. Have you ever heard of the stories of Mowgli?                                                          
Postwatching discussion:

1. What happened to the children?
2. Describe the younger sister’s behaviour.
3.  Describe the older sister’s behaviour.
4. How different are they from each other?
ž5.  Do you think they will ever be “normal” again? Why?
6. What should their caretakers do to make them behave more appropriate?
ž7. How did the segment of the film make you feel? 

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