вторник, 15 ноября 2016 г.

The Reader directed by Greg Gray 
(1.50 min)

Topic: Literacy and reading

1.Prewatching discussion
Pupils are given the six screenshots from the film. Imagine what story the film tells and write a narrative based on the titles of the film and the six screenshots. Discuss the stories.
At what age did you learn to read?Who taught you to read? What methids did you use to improve yout reading skills?
2. Watching
3. Postwatching discussion
What can you say about the relationships between the father and his son?
What methods did the old man use to improve his reading?
Have you used any of the strategies to help you learn the English language?
Would you use any of the strategies to learn a foreign language?

For teachers: stop the film at 1.50

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