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Street Art

Banksy's artwork is characterized by striking images, often combined with slogans. His work often engages political themes, satirically critiquing war, capitalism, hypocrisy and greed.

In October 2013, Banksy took to the streets of New York City. There he pledged to create a new piece of art for each day of his residency. As he explained to the Village Voice, "The plan is to live here, react to things, see the sights—and paint on them." 

During that month, he also sold some of his works on the street for $60 a piece, well below the market value for his art. Banksy's identity remains unknown, despite intense speculation.

Work in groups. Look at some of  Banksy's work and discuss the questions below.

1. What is the message given by each of his work pieces?

2. Do you consider his work "art"? Why (not)?

Watch the movie and answer the questions.

Most of his work does not last for a long time like most street art. 
So, why is he so famous?
 Is Street Art really art? Explain it.

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